Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Greentini on Ice so Nice!!!

Here it is the July cocktail of the month! This one comes from Don The Drink Mixer Maestro. As always measurements are left to your discretion.

A new spin on the traditional martini, you will need a martini shaker so...

Place a few ice cubes in the shaker

Pour some lemon vodka (I'm partial to Absolut, but hey that's just me.)into the shaker

Add Honey Iced Green Tea

Then shake, shake, shake and pour into your martini glass that has been rimmed with sugar and top of with a sprig of mint.

AAAAAH delicious!

*For us lucky Los Angelenos all drink supplies, minus shaker can be bought at your local Trader Joe's for a nice down to earth price.

As always drink responsibly

Cheers to You!
The Criogirl


Top cat said...

Can I have a cold beer instead?
shaken but not stirred

Alma said...

Sounds delicious. Good luck in L.A.