Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yahoo! Yay! I'm in a Play!!

Well this week, has been one of challenge and success. I'm still working on getting this month's rent paid and it should be of noted that the battle is halfway won, let's not even discuss August at this point. Anyways onto the good! First of all it looks like employment shall soon be mine and I could be once again amongst the work force (a paycheck?! It seems so long that I was starting to think it was an urban legend) BUT The best news of all is that I am going to be in a play!!!! I got the glad tidings today. It will be an all female cast of Shakespeare's Henry V. I have to say I'm giddy with excitement and for all those in the Los Angeles area, more info will be posted regarding performance dates and location. In the social realm of my life I have to say that once again life keeps showing me I am one lucky gal. In the midst of my trials and tribulations at every turn there has been a friend to catch me, support me and at times are knights in shining armor. It made me realize that I must be going down the right road to have people in my life who nourish my life mentally and spiritually. I hope that I return the favor because they are truly my silver lining. That's all for today and it's nice to say it has been a very, very good day here in L.A.

Peace and Love,
The Criogirl


Alma said...

Well, I really wish you the best in this adventure! I am very excited for you. I know what a rush it is to perform infront of others and feeling like you are leaving part of your essence in every show. I'm sure your friends feel blessed with you . . . or else they wouldn't be coming through for you. Let me know how the play went.

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