Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yahoo! Yay! I'm in a Play!!

Well this week, has been one of challenge and success. I'm still working on getting this month's rent paid and it should be of noted that the battle is halfway won, let's not even discuss August at this point. Anyways onto the good! First of all it looks like employment shall soon be mine and I could be once again amongst the work force (a paycheck?! It seems so long that I was starting to think it was an urban legend) BUT The best news of all is that I am going to be in a play!!!! I got the glad tidings today. It will be an all female cast of Shakespeare's Henry V. I have to say I'm giddy with excitement and for all those in the Los Angeles area, more info will be posted regarding performance dates and location. In the social realm of my life I have to say that once again life keeps showing me I am one lucky gal. In the midst of my trials and tribulations at every turn there has been a friend to catch me, support me and at times are knights in shining armor. It made me realize that I must be going down the right road to have people in my life who nourish my life mentally and spiritually. I hope that I return the favor because they are truly my silver lining. That's all for today and it's nice to say it has been a very, very good day here in L.A.

Peace and Love,
The Criogirl

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Greentini on Ice so Nice!!!

Here it is the July cocktail of the month! This one comes from Don The Drink Mixer Maestro. As always measurements are left to your discretion.

A new spin on the traditional martini, you will need a martini shaker so...

Place a few ice cubes in the shaker

Pour some lemon vodka (I'm partial to Absolut, but hey that's just me.)into the shaker

Add Honey Iced Green Tea

Then shake, shake, shake and pour into your martini glass that has been rimmed with sugar and top of with a sprig of mint.

AAAAAH delicious!

*For us lucky Los Angelenos all drink supplies, minus shaker can be bought at your local Trader Joe's for a nice down to earth price.

As always drink responsibly

Cheers to You!
The Criogirl

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Much Thanks Here in LA!

I have to say it is good to be back in LA!! After the whole Washington D.C. debacle, I have returned with more determination and focus than ever before! I think I'm experiencing an emotional high when you take in the fact that July rent hasn't been paid (whoops!), got no dinero coming in at the moment (shocker!) but yet I know that everything is going to work out in my favor and I'm just going to keep chugging along (I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...) and I have my uncle to thank. Yes, yes that same sad sack of...ok I won't go there ANYWAYS I thank him because I came face to face with one of my greatest fears. Someone who I was seeking validation from looked me straight in the eye and told me I just don't cut it and my dream ain't gonna happen MOVE ON!!! And the beautiful thing is I looked him right back and stood my ground (didn't know I had it me!). And while I haven't achieved my ultimate goal of success my dream is coming true because each day I am living my dream with each monologue and scene I look for, class and audition I go to, project I work on and I get excited and happy. I'm blessed with the guts to go for what I want and when the panic attacks, doubts, fear, depression and self loathing arising I have a wonderful support system of dear friends who will have absolutely none of it. They pick me up and dust me off when I can't do it for myself. I also want to send a shout out to all the great comments left on Getting Real in Washington D.C. It warmed my heart and the encouragement it gives me to keep on keepin' on is priceless. Thank-you! So to everyone out there cross your fingers and wish the best for me and I'm doing the same exact thing for you!

Cheers to All of US!
The Criogirl

P.S. yes, yes, I know I'm late but I promise you the cocktail of the month and the AWM will be up soon!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Getting Real in Washington D.C.

I have taken a short quick vacation and I am in Washington D.C. I flew in on July 4th!!!! Fireworks wohoooo! Actually it has been a nice getaway. I find leaving Los Angeles is always a good thing it helps to recharge and focus because usually when I go out of town it usually means an encounter with the familia, this time being my uncle, a generous man who is a poster child for the American dream and living the good life. A sound, sensible business man and who has taken to being the mentor extrodanaire to my dear cousin (his nephew). The reason being is my cousin is male, going to law school and knows how to kiss ass very well (don't worry I love him to bits) so I am writing this as the two men are laughing, having a jolly old time. This is following a discussion where my uncle basically told me it's time to get real forget about this acting b*&>Sh@# (can't you just feel the love). So I've decided to honor the month of July and my independence I am going to get real!!!!!!! The reality is I am an actor period, if you can't deal with it that is your problem not mine. The reality is I'm not getting a desk job, applying for law school or any other graduate program, I'm going to be schlepping to auditions, going to acting classes, involving myself in every artsy, entertainment avenue and so no you won't get to brag to your friends or club buddies or I don't know who else about the fancy school I'm going to, the big raise, the wonderful corporate job I've got but hey that's his loss. He could be talking about how I'm going after my dream,come from another continent to a city I had never been in and even though most of the times it's tough, this is what I've chosen and you know what I'm happy with that. But If we want to GET REAL, BRUTALLY HONEST, THE HONEST GOD GIVEN TRUTH IS the only person that has bragging rights on MY LIFE is MOI!!!!! And that's getting real OK!!

The Criogirl

P.S. The AWM and drink of the month will be up soon, sorry for the delay

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Distractions and Detours in L.A.

Los Angeles is a fascintating place. Some of us (me) arrive here fresh of the plane with big dreams, confidence and a big serving of cluelessness. Then L.A. starts to play and have fun with you. A few crazy roommates, bouncing from job to job, winding up at weird parties wondering how the hell you got there? Given a glimpse into the life of the obnoxiously wealthy only to return to your hand to mouth existance, offers of money to be made and great opportunites but once the job is done there is no paycheck to be found and all of a sudden the focus, determination and confidance is whoosh! Out the window and you're lucky if you can remember your own name let alone what you're doing with your life and keeping track of your goals. In the midst of my whirling waltz of confusion, feeling like the girl with the red shoes, the music was thankfully stopped by my power team of AWs (Awesome Women otherwise known as my friends) two of them to be exact. They tenderly and candidly told me, "girl you are all over the place doing this for that person, working here for free, there for free and not one of these places has anything to do with your dream of acting". My wonderful response, "yeah but, but, um, guys are right". So I may have wondered into this city with stars in my eyes clueless and confused and got way, WAY, WAY off track but hey I'm still here. I'm refocused, determined and ready to play! Hell, I'm an actor I know how to play.

The Criogirl

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunshine & Shenanigans!!!

I'm a year older!!!!!!!!WOHOOOOOO!!!!!(this is where you hear the brass band playing and the city cheering). Yes today commemorates when I decided to venture forth and begin this journey of life. I must say after my past funk earlier this month, June is turning around and promising to be quite a fun month. I guess the sun is beginning to shine through. What happened? To be honest I'm not quite sure. Maybe it was the ridiculous birthday party on Saturday that went on until 7am (my neighbors were lovin' me) or on a more profound level perhaps it was admitting I was in a funk instead of trying to Pollyanna my way out of my emotions and once I said it aloud all of a sudden things weren't so bad. Now I went through my state of having no motivation whatsoever but I guess you need that sometimes to just ground yourself, reflect, take a break from life....hmmm what I did notice is that usually when a lot of things are going wrong right there is me tightly holding on to stuff that I'm just not quite ready to let go of. The funny thing with the whole letting go process is that once that particular attachment is gone, I whine, panic, get upset and inevitably something new fascinating and sometimes even life changing comes along that wouldn't have happened unless said attachment was not let go of. So to the funky, gloomy times while I may not enjoy them, I thank them because it seems like when all hell is breaking loose in life, in come charging the universal commando force of guardian angels whisking you to higher heights be it new opportunities, a new outlook on life or friends who will listen to your whiny ass every single day and with lots of love tell you to get over it. I made it to another year to keep on going and trusting that every minute is going to be an adventure even when I'm scared out of my wits. The sunshine is here and I'm ready for it!

Cheers and Love,
The Criogirl

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Friday, June 8, 2007

June Gloom in Full Effect

June Gloom is a term that I've only heard here in Los Angeles. Basically the city is covered by one big, gray cloud that just lingers. For the past few weeks I've been walking with my head held high, positive outlook on life and then smack I entered my emotional June Gloom. Nothing new really the same old, same old naggings that pop up about the current status of my life, the constant struggle for money, career up in the air and it doesn't help when you have family members around you having babies, getting married and buying houses and you're still living in a studio apartment, single and the only significant male in your life has four legs and fur. And I chose this path because....I guess this gloom is also hieghtened by my upcoming birthday and the general feeling that I have no idea where my life is going. So I feel like retreating, entering hermit mode and just saying F@#% It All!!! But I know at the end of the day I will get out of my funk, come out with some new insights, realisations, hopefully a whole new lease on life and answers to some of the questions swirling around my head because I always have a choice. So I'll accept and welcome the funk because just like the cloud during June Gloom, just as suddenly as it appaears and lingers it vanishes and the sun comes blazing through. I'm ready for the blaze.

Peace and Love,
The Criogirl

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