Friday, July 6, 2007

Getting Real in Washington D.C.

I have taken a short quick vacation and I am in Washington D.C. I flew in on July 4th!!!! Fireworks wohoooo! Actually it has been a nice getaway. I find leaving Los Angeles is always a good thing it helps to recharge and focus because usually when I go out of town it usually means an encounter with the familia, this time being my uncle, a generous man who is a poster child for the American dream and living the good life. A sound, sensible business man and who has taken to being the mentor extrodanaire to my dear cousin (his nephew). The reason being is my cousin is male, going to law school and knows how to kiss ass very well (don't worry I love him to bits) so I am writing this as the two men are laughing, having a jolly old time. This is following a discussion where my uncle basically told me it's time to get real forget about this acting b*&>Sh@# (can't you just feel the love). So I've decided to honor the month of July and my independence I am going to get real!!!!!!! The reality is I am an actor period, if you can't deal with it that is your problem not mine. The reality is I'm not getting a desk job, applying for law school or any other graduate program, I'm going to be schlepping to auditions, going to acting classes, involving myself in every artsy, entertainment avenue and so no you won't get to brag to your friends or club buddies or I don't know who else about the fancy school I'm going to, the big raise, the wonderful corporate job I've got but hey that's his loss. He could be talking about how I'm going after my dream,come from another continent to a city I had never been in and even though most of the times it's tough, this is what I've chosen and you know what I'm happy with that. But If we want to GET REAL, BRUTALLY HONEST, THE HONEST GOD GIVEN TRUTH IS the only person that has bragging rights on MY LIFE is MOI!!!!! And that's getting real OK!!

The Criogirl

P.S. The AWM and drink of the month will be up soon, sorry for the delay


~Secret~ said...

I love your blog =)

Very nice layout!!

I've just recently started blogging,

Keep up the nice blog =)

buzz staff said...

Hello fellow Los Angelean! So easy to feel lost here in this city. We'll get our share of what's good...i hope.


Azzitizz said...

Hi there from the UK. If your dream is to act, then follow your dream. All the other famous actors did.
Just think if they had all listened to everyone telling them that acting isn't a career, we wouldn't have film, theatre or TV!
There is a blog by an up and coming anonymous actor that you may find interesting and get some tips from...
He writes of his experiences, his triumphs and his failures. It's really good, I read it often. Good Luck.

Azzitizz said...


Rural Writer said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you continue to follow your dream. Thankfully we all don't want the same things out of life, though people like your uncle may have trouble understanding that. Hang in there, and remember "You've got to be original, because if you're like someone else, what do they need you for?" (a quote from a fellow actor, Bernadette Peters).
-Rural Writer

BlogeDiem said...

Yo! You know I support you %$@#! attitude. You go! (Do people still say that? :D) Anywho! Glad to see your bucking convention for you dream. Many belssings!