Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Distractions and Detours in L.A.

Los Angeles is a fascintating place. Some of us (me) arrive here fresh of the plane with big dreams, confidence and a big serving of cluelessness. Then L.A. starts to play and have fun with you. A few crazy roommates, bouncing from job to job, winding up at weird parties wondering how the hell you got there? Given a glimpse into the life of the obnoxiously wealthy only to return to your hand to mouth existance, offers of money to be made and great opportunites but once the job is done there is no paycheck to be found and all of a sudden the focus, determination and confidance is whoosh! Out the window and you're lucky if you can remember your own name let alone what you're doing with your life and keeping track of your goals. In the midst of my whirling waltz of confusion, feeling like the girl with the red shoes, the music was thankfully stopped by my power team of AWs (Awesome Women otherwise known as my friends) two of them to be exact. They tenderly and candidly told me, "girl you are all over the place doing this for that person, working here for free, there for free and not one of these places has anything to do with your dream of acting". My wonderful response, "yeah but, but, um, guys are right". So I may have wondered into this city with stars in my eyes clueless and confused and got way, WAY, WAY off track but hey I'm still here. I'm refocused, determined and ready to play! Hell, I'm an actor I know how to play.

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NadineMaren said...

Detours in Los Angeles...
I wish I could say these words didn't hit home :O)
From a Notary to a loan broker to a dog walker to to to... There are countless detours in most of our lives.
But nonetheless, sometimes you have to get of your path to be reminded where you are really meant to be? At least that is an excuse I like to use.
And the good news is, even though you used detours - even those can get you ahead. Through the people you met, the knowledge you gained, seeing and knowing - that you are good in more then just one thing.
And most important : No One can ever say, you didn't try!!!!